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1. Share Details

For move ahead to work together, we will share with you some list of details we need like company address, corportaion date, GST number, employee strenghth etc.


2. Agreement Process

Based on package plan you choose, we will share with you complete terms & condition related to hiring, replacement, payment terms etc and complete signup process.

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3. Assign To Receuitment Team

We will share your opening details to our recruiters along with JD and create group on whatsapp for check regular update about hiring process.

Agreement Signup

Agreement Authorized Person Details:
Hiring (HR) Person Details: (Optional)
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Services We Provide In Industry

IT Recruitment Services
Our IT Recruitment services are your gateway to securing top-tier tech talent. We specialize in identifying, attracting, and placing IT professionals who can drive your organization’s success. Whether you need software developers, cyber security experts, or IT specialists, we possess the expertise to match your unique requirements. With our IT Recruitment services, you gain a competitive edge in the digital age, fostering innovation and growth.

IT consulting

Finance And Accounting Recruitment Services:
Our Finance and Accounting Recruitment services are dedicated to sourcing skilled financial experts. We specialize in identifying professionals who can optimize your financial strategies, manage accounts efficiently, and ensure regulatory compliance. Whether you require CPAs, financial analysts, or CFOs, our expertise and network help you secure the right talent. 

Talent management
Sales and Marketing Recruitment Services: Our Sales & Marketing Recruitment services are your solution for discovering dynamic professionals who can elevate your brand and boost revenue. We specialize in sourcing sales and marketing specialists, including account executives, digital marketers, and brand strategists. With a keen understanding of your market and business goals, we connect you with the individuals who will drive your brand’s presence and bottom line. Rely on our expertise to build a high-performing sales and marketing team.
Headhunting services in india
Top Executive Recruitment Services: Our Top Executive Recruitment services are designed to find visionary leaders for your organization. We specialize in identifying and securing top-tier executives, including CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite professionals. With a deep understanding of your company’s unique needs, culture, and goals, we source individuals who can provide strategic direction and lead your business to new heights. Trust us to connect you with the high-caliber executives who will drive your organization’s success.
Career consulting
HR and Executive Recruitment Services: Our HR & Executive Recruitment services focus on locating HR professionals and top-tier executives who can shape the future of your organization. We specialize in identifying individuals who align with your company culture, values, and long-term objectives. Whether you need HR directors, talent acquisition services, or other executive roles, our expertise and network ensure you access the right talent. Partner with us to build a leadership team that drives workforce development and organizational excellence.

Our Process

in Talent Acquisition Services

Hirekey provide a range of services to assist employers with their staffing and workforce needs. Here’s how we typically help in the areas of talent acquisition, recruitment, and HR consulting:

Recruitment Services

Sourcing Candidates: we help identify potential candidates for job openings through various channels, including online job boards, databases, and professional networks.

Screening and Evaluation: we Consulting firms often conduct initial candidate assessments, which may include resume screening, interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks.

Shortlisting Candidates: we present a curated list of candidates who meet the employer's requirements, saving the employer time in the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition Services Strategy

Customized Strategies: We work with employers to develop tailored talent acquisition Services strategies based on the company's goals, industry, and market conditions.

Market Analysis: We provide insights into labor market trends, competitor analysis, and salary benchmarks to help employers make informed decisions.

HR Consulting

Compliance and Regulations: We assist employers in staying compliant with labor laws and regulations, ensuring that HR practices are in line with the latest legal requirements.

HR Process Improvement: We may recommend and implement improvements in HR processes, from onboarding to performance management, to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Employer Branding

Enhancing the Employer Brand: We help employers build and strengthen their reputation as an attractive workplace, which can lead to better-quality candidates applying for positions.

Marketing and Outreach: We may assist in creating and implementing marketing campaigns to attract top talent.

Advisory Services

Strategic Advice: We offer strategic guidance on workforce planning, organizational structure, and other HR-related matters.

Change Management: We may help manage organizational changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and downsizings.

Frequently Asked Question

Hirekey Consultancy offers a range of services for employers, including talent acquisition, recruitment, HR consulting, and more. Our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and industry requirements.
We can assist your organization by sourcing and screening candidates, creating tailored talent acquisition strategies, providing market insights, streamlining your recruitment processes, and enhancing your employer branding to attract top talent.
The engagement process typically begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs. We’ll then create a customized plan, implement strategies, and provide ongoing support and feedback.
Our pricing models vary depending on your specific requirements. We are transparent about our fees and ensure there are no hidden costs.
We source candidates from various channels, including online job boards and professional networks. Our screening process includes resume reviews, interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks.
Yes, we work closely with your organization to develop strategies tailored to your industry, company culture, and hiring objectives.
We offer employer branding services, including marketing and outreach strategies, to improve your reputation and make your organization more attractive to top talent.
Yes, we provide HR consulting to ensure compliance with labor laws and offer advice on various HR-related challenges, including legal matters.
We can recommend and implement HR software solutions, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR management systems (HRMS), to improve your recruitment and HR processes.
Yes, we have a track record of successful partnerships with employers. Contact us for specific case studies and examples.
You can contact us through our website, email, or phone. Our team is ready to discuss your unique requirements and provide guidance on how we can assist your organization.

We go the extra mile for our customers!