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Frequently Asked Question

A job consultancy helps jobseekers find the best match jobs by providing personalized guidance, assistance, and resources throughout the job search process. This includes helping jobseekers identify their skills, strengths, and career goals, providing access to job opportunities, offering resume and interview preparation, and connecting jobseekers with potential employers.
The job consultancy conducts assessments and interviews with jobseekers to identify their skills, strengths, and career goals. They may ask jobseekers about their work experience, education, interests, and aspirations to gain a thorough understanding of their career objectives and areas of expertise.
Job consultancies have access to a wide range of job opportunities through their extensive network of employers and job boards. They actively search for job openings that align with the jobseeker’s skills and preferences and share these opportunities with the jobseeker. This saves the jobseeker time and effort in searching for suitable jobs on their own.
Yes, job consultancies often provide assistance with resume and interview preparation. They can review and provide feedback on the jobseeker’s resume, helping to highlight their skills and achievements effectively. Job consultancies also offer interview coaching, providing jobseekers with tips and techniques to succeed in interviews.
The job consultancy acts as a bridge between jobseekers and potential employers. They maintain relationships with various companies and organizations, keeping a pulse on their hiring needs. When suitable job opportunities arise, the job consultancy recommends and refers jobseekers who meet the requirements to these employers.
Job consultancies may charge jobseekers a fee for their services, depending on the policies and practices of the specific consultancy. However, some consultancies offer their services free of charge to jobseekers, as they earn their revenue from the employer side of the equation.
The duration will vary depending on factors such as the jobseeker’s skills, experience, and the availability of suitable job opportunities. However, working with a job consultancy can potentially expedite the job search process by providing access to a larger pool of job opportunities and personalized guidance.
Yes, job consultancies can assist with career development and progression. They can provide guidance on skill development, training opportunities, and career planning. Job consultancies can also offer advice on career advancement strategies and help jobseekers explore new job opportunities or industries.
Jobseekers can get started with a job consultancy by reaching out to them directly. This can be done through their website, phone, or email. Jobseekers may need to provide their resume and other relevant information to begin the process. The job consultancy will then guide them through the next steps of the job search process.

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